Foundation Podiatry Townsville is a locally owned clinic…
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  • Thorough posture, balance and gait assessment using latest technology
  • Focusing on Biomechanical Podiatry
  • Unique, personalised approach
  • Cushioned Foot Supports (orthotics)
  • HEEL PAIN gurus
  • 70% of all new patients have been recommended to us by our current patients
  • Sports and running injury management
  • Shockwave therapy for chronic heel pain and achilles tendon pain
  • Individualised solutions – ‘we offer more than just orthotics’
  • AFTER HOURS appointments


Our vision here at Foundation Podiatry Townsville is to lead the way in Podiatry excellence within our Townsville community. Our approach to your health care is up-to-date and proactive, in an atmosphere that is friendly, encouraging and educational, with a combined accountability towards achieving your treatment goals.

Our Townsville Podiatrist’s have a vast sporting background and understand the importance of keeping people of all ages on their feet and active. Foundation Podiatry Townsville is a well-equipped Biomechanical Podiatry clinic, with a focus on ensuring each patient understands how their complaint has developed and how their treatment plan is going to assist them.

If you have a Biomechanical concern (such as heel pain when you get out of bed in the morning, collapsing arches or painful feet and knees during walking or running) – then you need to see a Biomechanical Podiatrist!

Do your feet a favour – give Foundation Podiatry Townsville a call today on 4775 1760