Ayr Podiatry Services for People Suffering From Shin Splints

Most people have a misconception when it comes to shin splints. What they think are shin splints may very well be just shin pain. Regardless, shin pain is hard to deal with and is one of the most common ailments that we see at Foundation Podiatry …read more .

Call This Ayr podiatrist for Running Injuries

For those looking to lose weight or stay in shape, running is an activity most of us consider. Sticking to a consistent running schedule can keep off those unwanted extra kilos. Unfortunately, running also has an effect on your feet. The constant …read more .

Do You Have a Need for Townsville Podiatry?

Are you experiencing aggravating lower back pain and have no idea why? Maybe you have chronic knee, foot or ankle pain and just do not know what to do. Foundation Podiatry can help you determine the cause of your pain and devise a treatment so …read more .

Do You Need Orthotics in Townsville?

Your back and knee problems may be related to a posture, balance, or gait problem. When this is the case, the proper way to correct the issue involves getting professional advice from orthotics in Townsville. Foundation Podiatry is a locally …read more .

Effective and immediate Bunion Treatment in Townsville

Bunions are common all around the world, with sufferers numbering in their thousands if not millions. A bunion is usually easily visible, with the large toe leaning towards the other toes instead of facing forward. While this condition is …read more .

Effective Treatment for Heel Pain in Townsville

Let’s face it; we need our legs for the most basic daily tasks, whether it’s driving, exercising or simply walking. When you’re suffering from heel pain in Townsville, all these basic tasks can become much more challenging, and that can …read more .

Find a Professional Sports Podiatrist in Townsville

Sport is a great way to exercise and be social with family or friends. Almost all sport is good for your health, and as a parent, it’s a great thing to get your kids into from a young age. Playing sport is not only an excellent way to keep in shape …read more .

For Children’s Foot Problems Consult with the Best in Ingham Podiatry

Your children’s feet need some extra care. It is not until their teenage years that all of the bones that make up the legs and feet are fully formed and developed. Kids feet are very soft and pliable when they are young leaving them very susceptible …read more .

High-Quality Treatment for Ankle Pain in Townsville

If you’re a sufferer of ongoing ankle pain in Townsville, you could be suffering from a condition called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. This ailment is where compression of the posterior tibial nerve causes pain in your ankle and it can make walking …read more .

Looking for a Townsville Podiatrist? Find Your Foundation

Just like your home needs a strong foundation, your body does too. Foundation Podiatry is a locally owned and operated Townsville podiatrist that can help you relieve pain and live a more active and fulfilling life. For almost a decade, we …read more .

Not Your Typical Charters Towers Podiatry Clinic

If you are having issues with your feet, ankles, knees or back, you should consult with a podiatrist to get to the bottom of the problem. Contact Foundation Podiatry, not your average Charters Towers podiatry clinic. With almost a decade of service …read more .

Personalised Treatments for Sore Feet in Townsville

The causes of sore feet for Townsville sufferers can vary greatly. It could be a case of flat feet which has resulted in improper posture, and when your posture isn’t correct, your feet have to accommodate for the unevenly spaced pressure. The …read more .

Speed Up Recovery with Shin Splints in Townsville

Many of us endeavour to get as much exercise as we can while maintaining a healthy diet. We all want to maintain good health well into old age, and we also want to pass on the lessons of a healthy lifestyle to our children. However, for those suffering …read more .

The Ingham Podiatrist to Call for Heel Pain

One of the most regular issues that we face at Foundation Podiatry is heel pain. A common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, a condition where the soft tissue underneath the foot becomes inflamed. Patients will complain of pain at the front …read more .

Treatment Options for Knee Pain in Townsville

If you’re suffering from on-going knee pain in Townsville, your whole way of life has likely been affected. With knee pain, it’s much harder to do perform movements such as walking without experiencing pain and the idea of exercising has all but …read more .

We are a Clinic That Provides Effective Shockwave Therapy in Townsville

If you’re suffering from knee pain, the resulting difficulty and lack of basic mobility can have an adverse effect on your day to day life. It may seem like the days of pain-free movement are over, and that regular exercise is now a thing of the …read more .

We Provide Effective Treatment for Sore Heels in Townsville

When you’re experiencing on-going pain in your feet, heels or back, typical day to day tasks can become much more demanding, and that can have adverse knock-on effects on your quality of life. Whether you’re an avid exerciser or simply need to work …read more .

We Provide Personalised Treatment Options for Foot Pain in Townsville

As a locally-owned clinic with a unique, personal approach to treatment, we offer practical ways to eliminate the symptoms of foot pain for Townsville sufferers. With our extensive knowledge, experience and values focused on an individual bespoke …read more .

What to Look for in a Charters Towers Podiatrist

Your family doctor may not be the person you want to see if you are experiencing severe foot, ankle or knee problems. Your best option is to choose a Charters Towers podiatrist to take care of the issue. You need to choose wisely though as your …read more .

Why Are You Suffering from Constant Heel Pain in Townsville?

In the morning, you wake up and get out of bed. As soon as your feet hit the floor, you feel it. Heel pain for residents in Townsville can be a common ailment. Foundation Podiatry has been treating heel, ankle, knee and back pain in the Townsville area …read more .