Ohh….It’s just another ankle sprain!

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As common as an ankle sprain may be – they still need your love and attention! Each and every time you sprain your ankle you are doing some form of damage. Whether that be over-stretching the ligaments around the ankle, damaging the message pathway to the brain, bruising the ankle joint or even fracturing a bone! Following an initial ankle …


No more Falls! Balance boosting tips for the Elderly

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Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalisations in people aged 65 years and over. A common and very debilitating injury sustained from a fall is a fracture to the neck of the femur (broken hip). There are many common causes of falls in the elderly population: Chronic health conditions such as heart disease, low blood pressure, obesity and dementia …


Custom Foot Supports (Orthotics) VERSUS the chemist jobs

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I’ve been told I need Orthotics – will the ones from the chemist do the trick?? Generally, no. Off-the-shelf or non-customised orthotics from the chemist are made for a ‘normal’ foot type. People with a ‘normal’ foot-type generally do not develop foot problems nor need to be worried about their long term foot health. If a Podiatrist has recommended custom …

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5 tips for healthy, strong feet

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Your feet are an engineering masterpiece, let’s keep them that way! The 66 joints that make up your feet affect every joint right up to your neck. When neglected, our feet break down over time, leading to foot pain and discomfort. Below are 5 tips for maintaining healthy, strong feet: Stretch your feet daily. Your feet are the shock-absorbers for …

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Persistent HEEL PAIN? Shockwave therapy may be your answer!

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Intense Heel Pain getting out of bed in the morning? Is it just NOT going away? Is your heel pain stopping you from exercising? Ever heard of Shockwave Therapy??? Heel pain is a very common condition yet very complex in nature, where a ‘one size fits all’ treatment approach often fails. How one person responds to heel pain treatment may …

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FOOT PAIN hindering your New Year Fitness Resolution???

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Most people try to kick off the New Year with a healthy, positive goal in mind. Whether that be regularly walking Castle Hill or training for a half marathon, it’s important to have a plan in place to reach your summit. Unfortunately for many people embarking on a new exercise regime… PAIN often follows! Foot pain, shin pain and knee …


How to choose the correct training footwear

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Shoes, shoes, shoes. They can be the cause of your injury, or help you avoid or overcome an injury. With so many different shoe types (and colours) on the market, how does one choose the correct footwear for their foot-type and activity? Firstly some pointers for correctly choosing footwear in general: Next you need to choose the correct shoe for …