‘Your feet are the FOUNDATION for your posture’

Foot pain when you get out of bed in the morning?
Can’t be bothered walking the Strand because your feet are killing you from working all day?
Shin pain when running up Castle Hill?
Knee pain stopping you from going on that overseas adventure?
You’re not the only one! Foot pain and lower limb pain is quite common and when left untreated can contribute to broader issues such as inability to exercise, weight-gain, feeling over-tired and unhappy, as well as other medical problems.

Allow our Townsville Podiatrist’s to rid your foot pain and help you reach your lifestyle goals!

“Think of your feet as the FOUNDATION of your house:
If the foundation is weak, unstable and uneven, then this will directly affect the walls and roof of your house, which long-term affects the overall quality of your house”.