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Heel Pain in Children: Why does my child’s heels hurt when playing sport?

Heel pain in children can be very painful, causing them to limp on the sporting field and not be as agile or fast as their team mates. Treatment for Sever’s is simple and effective – so don’t make your child sit out the sporting season when they can manage their pain and continue to play. | January 10 2017 | Children,Heel Pain

Heel pain is not only limited to grown-ups. Heel pain in children is very common. Often, healthy active children will complain of pain in one or both heels during and after running and playing sp...

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BACK TO SCHOOL - how to avoid those 'Growing Pains'

Back to School - How to avoid those growing pains.Most often children with growing pains also have poor lower limb biomechanics. (Think clumsy, awkward runner, flat feet, knocky knees etc. All of these undesirable biomechanics require the child’s muscles to work harder to provide support, balance and power – hence tired, painful muscles. | January 10 2017 | Children

After 6 weeks of being foot loose and fancy free, many children often struggle going back to school. Heavy backpacks, new over-sized uniforms and enclosed shoes for the first time in 6 weeks! Esp...

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