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Time to stop blaming the shoe and take responsibility for what’s inside!

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As a Podiatrist I get asked these questions on a daily basis:

  • What running shoe is best for me?
  • What shoe should I be wearing up Castle Hill?
  • What’s the best shoe to stop my shin splints?    …. and on and on

In my 12 years as a Podiatrist I have been consulted many, many times by patients just to find out what shoe will best help them overcome their ongoing barrage of injuries, aches and pains. I am here to tell you, “it is not the shoe; it is what’s inside the shoe!”

Our feet are amazing! The 26 bones, 33 joints and 20 muscles in each foot are designed to cushion and spring our way through any activity we wish to tackle. Why should we wrap these amazing structures up in rigid, supportive shoes all day long?

You’ve all heard of the ‘use it or lose it’ principle which I strongly agree with. If you wrap your arm up in a sling for a few weeks your arm strength and function will rapidly deteriorate. Same goes with wrapping up the 33 joints and 20 muscles of each foot inside rigid, supportive shoes. The more time our feet spend trapped inside these vaults, the more we are interfering with our feet’s ability to do their real job – cushion and spring, cushion and spring, cushion and spring.

It’s time to stop worrying about whether our shoe has the latest features such as the ‘Dynamic Duomax Support System’ or the ‘BioMoGo DNA midsole for adaptive cushioning’. It’s what’s inside the shoe that counts – the 66 joints and 40 muscles that make up our feet are much more effective in keeping us moving than any gel cushioning, dynamic rollbar support or other fancy marketing.

Do you think the weakest part of a rower’s body would be their shoulders? No way!
Then why are FEET the weakest part of a runner’s body?

It’s time for change!     It’s time to invest in your feet – not your shoes!

Introducing…. our ACTIVE FEET FORMULA
Our ACTIVE FEET FORMULA involves education, exercises and empowerment to unlock the hidden potential of your feet!

Focusing on 3 main areas:
Mobility – firstly we need to free up the tight, gritty structures in our feet and legs. Homework will be given and foot mobilisation, dry needling etc may be necessary at the start.
Proprioception – this is the pathway from our feet to our brain, it gives us warning signals when we’re about to sprain our ankle as an example. This pathway becomes damaged from injury, from our reliance on clumpy modern footwear and quite simply by not using our feet as they are supposed to be used.
Mobility and Proprioception need to be restored before we can focus on the third area:
Strength – Exercises will be given to strengthen our feet so they can once again function as powerful springs!

You will gain life-long benefit from learning how to recapture the proprioception, mobility, strength and function of the 66 joints and 40 muscles that are your feet.

Phone us today on 4775 1760 to learn how to recapture the real potential of the amazing structures you were born with!

  • By: Hayley Paterson

    Senior Podiatrist at Foundation Podiatry Townsville
    Hayley’s sole focus is providing individualised, holistic biomechanical-only care.