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Ayr Podiatry Services for People Suffering From Shin Splints

February 8 2017

Most people have a misconception when it comes to shin splints. What they think are shin splints may very well be just shin pain. Regardless, shin pain is hard to deal with and is one of the most common ailments that we see at Foundation Podiatry.
We are a locally Townsvillie owned and operated podiatrist that has been providing quality service and treatment throughout the area since 2007. With a unique approach to Ayr podiatry, we set the bar high.

Shin pain usually starts as discomfort along the shinbone after exercise. We tend not to think much of it or that the pain is a one-time occurrence. At some point, the pain can eventually manifest itself during exercise. Those who continue to work-out, the pain can eventually develop shin splints, which are tiny stress fractures along the shin bone.

Exercise or over-exercise do not solely cause shin pain. There are a variety of factors that could cause shin pain. Those who have overpronated, collapsed arches or high arches are more susceptible to shin pain. Tight calf muscles are another source of problems with shin pain, as are old shoes. Our Ayr podiatry services will figure out the cause of the shin pain and then develop a plan to treat it.

We will develop a treatment plan using the correct diagnosis to manage the pain. Foundation Podiatry uses the latest technology to examine the underlying causes of shin pain. We then use a specially designed individual treatment plan to remedy the shin pain and prevent it from returning in the future.

If you are suffering from shin pain, call Foundation Podiatry today on 4775 1760 to schedule an appointment.

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