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BACK TO SCHOOL - how to avoid those 'Growing Pains'

January 17 2016


After 6 weeks of being foot loose and fancy free, many children often struggle going back to school. Heavy backpacks, new over-sized uniforms and enclosed shoes for the first time in 6 weeks! Especially for the younger child starting school for the first time – it is a significant sensory and motor over-load and a huge adjustment to what they are used to.

Firstly it is okay to expect some tired, achy bodies and even cranky bums for the first few weeks. But after a month or so ideally your child should have settled into their new routine and the “my feet are sore, mum can you massage my legs they are throbbing” etc. should have stopped.

If the achy feet and legs, sore heels, tiredness, growing pains (call it what you wish) continues – then it may be worth seeking some professional advice.

At Foundation Podiatry we have helped lots of children – now that I have been treating in Townsville for over a decade I have seen some very small children become very big adults! A common complaint we hear is ‘my child has growing pains that keep them awake at night’.

Most often these children with ‘growing pains’ also have ‘poor lower limb biomechanics.’ The following words generally come to mind:  collapsed arches, flat feet, knock knees, awkward running patterns, clumsiness, ‘double-jointed’ or hypermobility.

All of these undesirable biomechanics require the child’s muscles to work harder to provide support, balance and power – hence tired, painful muscles. After some Podiatry treatment, whether it be stretching, strengthening, improved footwear, arch supports etc. – their growing pains have gone – yet they are still growing! AMAZING! Please don’t stop your child from being active due to ‘growing pains’ – when successful treatment is available.

Check out our detailed section on CHILDREN’S FOOT HEALTH featuring: Heel Pain in Children, Knee Pain in Children, Flat Feet in Children, Growing Pains, Joint Hypermobility, Intoed Gait (Pigeon Toe).

Help your child to soar this school year!

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