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Daina Clark joins the Foundation Podiatry Townsville team!

January 8 2018

Hayley and the Foundation Podiatry team are really excited to welcome Daina Clark into our clinic. Daina has 24 years experience as a Podiatrist and has worked her last 13 years in the local Townsville region. Daina works exclusively as a Biomechanical Podiatrist and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over time by interlacing her personal interests into her professional life.

At Foundation Podiatry Townsville Daina will also perform bike fit and running gait assessments enabling people to run and cycle at their best. "I feel very fortunate to be able to incorporate my passion for cycling and running into my work life".

100% locally owned & operated

We at Foundation Podiatry Townsville are 100% local and proud of it. Between Hayley, Christine and Daina we have a combined 28 years of assisting the Townsville community to remain healthy and active. Foundation Podiatry is a community-minded, 100% locally owned and reputable clinic which was a large attraction for Daina to join our team.

 "Hayley and her team have created such a friendly, nurturing environment, with a focus on high-level individualised patient care  -  I am really excited to be a part of it - who knows where our like-minded ideas can go!"

Active FEET  >  Active BODY  >  Active LIFE

Daina completely agrees with our mantra and gains great satisfaction by helping people get back on their feet and keep moving - whether you are an elite athlete wanting to improve your cycling efficiency or a weekend warrior with your sights set on your first 5km race.

Daina is super excited to have a forceplate treadmill in her clinic room with its force analysis and dual video camera capturing capabilities for both walking and running assessments. For her bike fit analysis she will be using the latest in technology - the Wahoo kickr power meter enabled bike stand in conjunction with a saddle pressure mapping system enabling Daina to assess improvements in bike position, comfort and efficiency in real-time.

A + B does not equal C

With experienced Podiatrists Hayley & Daina and Christine kicking goals into her 4th year, we are not your garden-variety Podiatry clinic. We respect that everyone is different and that a 'one-size fits all' treatment approach often fails. Our Podiatrists love continual learning, often step outside the box and bring very different flavours to the table:

Hayley loves employing barefoot rehab training and western medical acupuncture into her treatment. Teaching people to love and use their feet properly is her passion.

Christine enjoys working with children and following their developmental pathways. She also loves a tricky case of heel pain - improving a person's chronic pain which allows them to integrate back into exercise and daily living is very rewarding.

And now Daina adds to the clinic her wealth of expertise including high-end running gait and bike assessments. With a focus on position, technique, strength and mobility - improved movement patterns can be achieved.

Aside from Podiatry, Daina has found another way of pursuing her purpose of empowering women to be active and achieve what they never thought was possible. Through her love of human movement, the outdoors and Magnetic Island, Daina has developed her business Destination Adventure from grass-roots - offering mountain biking, running, yoga, core stability workshops and retreats.

Daina's motto:  “If you do what you love, love what you do – and have fun while you’re doing it – well it doesn’t get any better than that!”

Welcome aboard Daina!

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