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Do You Need Orthotics in Townsville?

March 1 2017

Your back and knee problems may be related to a posture, balance, or gait problem. When this is the case, the proper way to correct the issue involves getting professional advice from orthotics in Townsville. Foundation Podiatry is a locally owned and operated podiatrist that has been serving the Townsville area since 2007. We provide orthotics to our patients but only after they have undergone an intensive evaluation process.

With the latest technology in the industry, we do a full assessment of a patient’s posture and gait. As a result of this thorough biomechanical analysis, we can figure out if orthotics in Townsville are necessary. Contrary to popular belief, just because you have foot or leg problems does not mean that you need orthotics. Foundation Podiatry is unlike other franchise podiatry clinics that treat symptoms. We aim to find out the source of a problem and treat it so that it does not occur again in the future.

If you do indeed need orthotics, we can customise them using a 3D scan of your feet and the information that we gathered during your assessment. We will make sure that we discuss with you the footwear you are going to be wearing and then let you go through a wear-in period. After two to three weeks, we will examine how the orthotics fit and how they are working. Our foot supports are easily modified if needed.

If you are experiencing lower extremity problems, call Foundation Podiatry on 4775 1760 or fill out the form under the Contact tab on our website to arrange an appointment.

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