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Effective and Immediate Bunion Treatment in Townsville

March 1 2017

Bunions are common all around the world, with sufferers numbering in their thousands if not millions. A bunion is usually easily visible, with the large toe leaning towards the other toes instead of facing forward. While this condition is sometimes not symptomatic, it’s a condition you should treat quickly to prevent further degradation and pain.

We offer bunion treatment in Townsville to ease the symptoms of painful bunions, or to prevent bunions from becoming painful in the future. Even if your bunion isn’t causing you pain right now, it may well deteriorate as the years go by if left untreated.

At Foundation Podiatry, we’ve proudly held on to our locally-owned roots as we believe a personal approach to diagnosis and treatment is the best way to offer a high-quality service to our patients. When looking for bunion treatment in Townsville that you can trust, we are the company to contact.

Bunions can cause joint stiffness, a deep aching pain inside the joint as well as various other negative symptoms, and getting it treated could improve your quality of life ten-fold. From improved footwear to bunion splints, we have the perfect treatment to help resolve the specific cause of your bunion.

If you’re looking for bunion treatment in Townsville, you need to place your trust in a company that prioritises your good health. Get in touch with us to see how our personalised treatments could help you improve your quality of life.

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