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Effective Treatment for Heel Pain in Townsville

March 1 2017

Let’s face it; we need our legs for the most basic daily tasks, whether it’s driving, exercising or simply walking. When you’re suffering from heel pain in Townsville, all these basic tasks can become much more challenging, and that can have negative consequences on our quality of life.

There are many causes of knee pain and as a result, it’s often a complicated process figuring out the best way to treat it so that you can get back on your feet again, and return to living life comfortably from persistent pain. At Foundation Podiatry, we can provide a suitable treatment to those suffering from knee pain in Townsville, and get them back to a comfortable life.

Because there are many causes of heel pain, there are many different and varied treatments that are more suitable for each person?s unique problem. It could be that you need shoes that offer extra support to your feet, or it could be a case of using protective strapping. One way to treat knee pain which carries little risk of side effects is shockwave therapy, administered by delivering acoustic waves to the damaged tissue. This treatment could be an excellent solution for you if you want to get back on your feet and back to work again quickly.

At Foundation Podiatry, we can help ease the symptoms of heel pain for Townsville-based sufferers. With seven years of experience and a personal approach, we offer a bespoke service that will result in an increased quality of life.

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