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Is FOOT PAIN hindering your New Year's Fitness Resolution?

8th January 2021

Is FOOT PAIN hindering your New Year's Fitness Resolution?

Most people try to kick off the New Year with a healthy, positive goal in mind.

Whether that be regularly walking Castle Hill or training for a half marathon, it’s important to have a plan in place.

Unfortunately for many people embarking on a new exercise regime… PAIN often follows! Foot pain, shin pain and knee pain are common culprits that can quickly put a stop to your training.

3 things to consider when embarking on a new exercise regime:

FOOTWEAR is a biggy! What type of training are you doing? Running, CrossFit, netball, hiking?? A particular shoe may be required for a particular activity. In many instances, footwear can be the cause of an injury, or may help to resolve an injury. Have a read of our ‘How to choose the correct training footwear‘ article.

Be careful of TOO MUCH TOO SOON! Most people are super excited when starting a new exercise regime. Take it easy and slowly build up the intensity, duration and frequency. Rest days are allowed!

Any niggly injuries should be addressed before you start! Are you having heel pain or forefoot pain after training? Knee pain doing squats or shin pain when sprinting? The sooner you address these issues the sooner they will resolve, and the more likely you will be to reach your fitness summit.

At Foundation Podiatry Townsville our Podiatrists Hayley, Chris & Emma are leaders in their field of Biomechanical Podiatry. Visit us for a detailed Posture, Movement and Gait Assessment to identify the cause of your problem, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Remember…..  Active FEET > Active BODY > Active LIFE

By Hayley Paterson | Biomechanical Podiatrist Townsville