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Foundation Podiatry Townsville - Custom Foot Orthotics Info

4th January 2019

Foundation Podiatry Townsville - Custom Foot Orthotics Info


So you've just been given a pair of Custom Foot orthotics from your Podiatrist at Foundation Podiatry Townsville - here's what to expect.

Wear in period:
Start by wearing your Foot Orthotics for 2-3 hours on the first day. You may notice some initial discomfort. The discomfort may not always be in your feet, instead your shins, knees or even your lower back may experience some ‘adjustment’ pains and niggles, which is your body telling you that it is responding to a change.  Each day your goal is to wear the Foot Orthotics for 1-2 hours longer than you did the day before, until you can wear them all day. This wear in process should only take 3-7 days.

Sport and Exercise:
Do not use your supports for any form of exercise (including exercise walking), until you can wear them all day comfortably. Initially use them at training, then for a game. Sport and exercise place greater stress on your feet, legs and back so it may take a little time for your body to adapt to its new position.

The importance of correct footwear cannot be over-emphasized. Avoid wearing old and badly worn shoes as this can limit the benefit of the Foot Orthotics. Remove existing innersoles first. Certain foot types are best suited to particular shoes - we will advise you on this.

Caring for your Foot Supports:
Once you are comfortable with your foot supports a protective cover will be glued on top. This is done at your review visit. Covers make the supports more durable and hygienic, and also make them smooth so that your socks do not grip. Covered supports may be cleaned with a damp cloth and warm soapy water may be used.

KEEP THEM AWAY FROM EXTREME HEAT as this will cause damage. DO NOT leave them in your car or on the porch where they may get sunlight.

Review Visits:
A review visit in 2-3 weeks time will be scheduled for you. Review visits are very important for the following reasons: to monitor your initial problem, progress your exercises if necessary, check whether the supports are comfortable and providing adequate support and to make any adjustments if required. We will then glue the protective cover on.

If you cannot wear your foot supports all day after 1 week
of breaking them in, then you need to phone the clinic and make your review appointment earlier. Minor adjustments are simply done and are often necessary to achieve greater comfort and results.

Prescribed Exercises:
If mobility/stretching/strengthening/proprioception exercises have been prescribed for you, it is important that you perform them to the best of your ability, as your overall treatment outcome will depend on this.