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The pitfalls of focusing on Foot Strike

Foot strike is not the be all and end all of efficient running. To think of it another way - specific foot strike is not the CAUSE of efficient running, it is the RESULT of efficient running. Focusing on the following tips will harvest far greater benefit to your running that just focusing on a specific foot strike... | July 28 2017 | Running & Exercise,Active Feet,Lower Limb Complaints

So running boils down to a lot more than just chucking your runners on and putting one foot in front of the other. In this blog I’m going to discuss foot strike – particularly the pitfalls...

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Let's be BAREFOOT!!

Our feet are AMAZING! They are designed to feel, cushion and spring our way through life. Wearing big clumpy shoes on our feet all day long denies our feet the opportunity to work to their true potential. Hayley shares some insight into the many benefits of spending time barefoot – especially on natural surfaces: | July 26 2017 | Active Feet,Running & Exercise

Take a moment to watch a pre-school aged child run, jump and play without fear. Notice how nimble and light they are on their feet? Rocks or rough terrain does not slow them down, that is of course, u...

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How you STAND - is how you WALK - is how you RUN!

Certainly, improving your running technique, wearing suitable running shoes, training appropriately etc is integral to improving your performance. But what is also extremely important to consider is what we do for the other 23 hours a day when we are not running. This has a massive impact on our running gait and efficiency (for example our footwear, occupation and our sitting, standing and walking posture). | June 2 2017 | Footwear,Running & Exercise,Active Feet

I often get asked the following questions in my Townsville Podiatry clinic: How do I run faster? Should I be running on my forefoot or my heels? What is the best running shoe for me? How do I get rid...

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What causes Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)???

So what actually CAUSES heel pain? To put it simply, plantar fasciitis occurs when the continual daily mechanical load on the plantar fascia (main supporting structure of the arch) is greater then what the body can continue to repair. | May 26 2017 | Heel Pain,Lower Limb Complaints,Active Feet,Footwear

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Heel pain is most common in the 40 – 60 year age group. It is so prevalent that ~80% of adults will suffer a bout of heel pain over the c...

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Our feet are connected to our core – Townsville Podiatrist Hayley explains…

Townsville Podiatrist Hayley explains how our FEET are connected to our CORE. During walking and running the only contact point between the body and the ground is our foot – therefore foot stability is crucial for the correct transfer of impact forces. The faster our feet and core can “talk” to each other, the more efficient our gait will be and therefore our injury risk decreases. | March 10 2017 | Active Feet,Running & Exercise

So yogis have been awake to the powerful interconnection between FOOT to CORE for a very long time – referring to the foot as ‘Pada Bundha’ and the pelvic floor as ‘Mula Bundha...

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‘Start low & go slow’ – How to begin an exercise regime from scratch

The New Year is a great time to focus on becoming fit and healthy. As a Biomechanical Podiatrist I treat many patients who (due to yucky foot and lower limb pain) have become very inactive for a very long time. Once we have worked together to manage or resolve their pain, they have more energy, a positive head-space and are now ready to embark on some regular exercise. So here’s some advice I will often give to my patients... | January 31 2017 | Running & Exercise,Active Feet,Lower Limb Complaints

The New Year is a great time to focus on becoming fit and healthy. Nobody will dispute that exercise (movement) is good for us. Due to our more sedentary occupations and lifestyles – even the ac...

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5 tips for healthy, strong feet

Your feet are an engineering masterpiece, let's keep them that way! 5 tips for healthy, strong feet: stretch your feet daily, massage your feet daily, strengthen your feet daily, wear correct fitting shoes and more barefoot on natural surfaces! | January 31 2017 | Active Feet

Your feet are an engineering masterpiece, let’s keep them that way! The 66 joints that make up your feet affect every joint right up to your neck. When neglected, our feet break down over time, ...

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Time to stop blaming the shoe and take responsibility for what’s inside!

As a Podiatrist I get asked these questions on a daily basis: What's the best running shoe for me? What's the best shoe to stop my shin splints? etc I am here to tell you, “it is not the shoe; it is what’s inside the shoe!” | January 10 2017 | Footwear,Active Feet,Running & Exercise

As a Podiatrist I get asked these questions on a daily basis: What running shoe is best for me? What shoe should I be wearing up Castle Hill? What’s the best shoe to stop my shin splints?  ...

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No more Falls! Balance boosting tips for the Elderly

A common cause of falls is poor mobility, balance, proprioception, and strength in our legs and feet – and this is where our Podiatrists can help you out. At Foundation Podiatry Townsville we appreciate how amazing our feet are and what they are designed to do - and hence have developed our Active Foot Formula | January 9 2017 | Lower Limb Complaints,Active Feet

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalisations in people aged 65 years and over. A common and very debilitating injury sustained from a fall is a fracture to the neck of the femur (bro...

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