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Is your child complaining of knee pain or foot problems?

March 12 2021 | Children,Lower limb complaints,running & exercise

Children’s feet differ from those of adults, as they are still growing. As a parent, it’s easy to think your child is experiencing growing pains but it can be an injury too. | ...

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Heel Pain in Children: Why do my child’s heels hurt when playing sport?

January 10 2017 | Heel Pain

Heel pain is not only limited to grown-ups. Heel pain in children is very common. Often, healthy active children will complain of pain in one or both heels during and after running and playing sport. | ...

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BACK TO SCHOOL - how to avoid those 'Growing Pains'

January 10 2017 | Children

After 6 weeks of being foot loose and fancy free, many children often struggle going back to school. Heavy backpacks, new over-sized uniforms and enclosed shoes for the first time in 6 weeks! | ...

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