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Category: lower limb complaints
Is your child complaining of knee pain or foot problems?

March 12 2021 | Children,Lower limb complaints,running & exercise

Children’s feet differ from those of adults, as they are still growing. As a parent, it’s easy to think your child is experiencing growing pains but it can be an injury too. | ...

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Why am I suffering from heel pain?

March 5 2021 | heel pain,lower limb complaints

When heel pain and discomfort becomes an issue, it can be a major disruption to your day-to-day routine. When you’re suffering from heel pain, all these basic tasks can become much more challenging. | ...

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Running Related Injuries

February 9 2021 | Active Feet,Running & exercise,Lower limb complaints,Heel Pain

There are many reasons why running injuries occur which can make them complicated to treat and even more complex to prevent. | ...

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Low Level Laser therapy explained

July 25 2020 | Lower Limb Complaints,Heel Pain

Hayley explains why we love using Low Level Laser therapy in our Townsville Podiatry clinic | ...

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Hayley shares the down-low on Shockwave Therapy

July 25 2020 | Lower Limb Complaints,Heel Pain

Hayley from Foundation Podiatry Townsville shares why we love using Shockwave therapy and which conditions it's best for | ...

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Low Level Laser therapy in the management of Plantar Fasciitis

July 14 2020 | Heel Pain,Lower Limb Complaints

Low level laser therapy offers a quick, painless, non-invasive, side-effect free alternative to relieve the debilitating pain of Plantar Fasciitis. At Foundation Podiatry Townsville we use the industry leading Class IV MLS laser. | ...

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I have heel pain - I must have a heel spur

June 19 2020 | Heel pain,Lower Limb Complaints

One study showed that 45% of the heels analysed were either painful with no plantar heel spur or had a plantar heel spur but were not painful. Another study showed plantar heel spurs in 10-63% of asymptomatic controls. The most common cause of heel pain in adults is Plantar Fasciitis (now more correctly termed plantar heel pain) however there are many other causes of heel pain. | ...

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We Provide Personalised Treatment Options for Foot Pain in Townsville

February 14 2020 | Lower Limb Complaints,Heel Pain

Foundation Podiatry is a locally owned and operated clinic which has been managing foot, ankle and leg pain for the people of Townsville for 13 years now. Our Townsville Podiatrists - Hayley Paterson ...

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FOOT PAIN hindering your New Year's Fitness Resolution?

January 2 2019 | Running & Exercise,Active Feet,Lower Limb Complaints

Most people try to kick off the New Year with a healthy, positive goal in mind. Unfortunately for many people embarking on a new exercise regime… PAIN often follows! | ...

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Are Heel Pain and Menopause related?

November 6 2018 | Heel Pain,Lower Limb Complaints

In our Townsville Podiatry clinic we see many more middle aged women with heel pain than younger women - are hormones at play? Sometimes, pain creeps up on you – it can be difficult to pinpoint ...

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Why do my shins hurt when I run?

February 27 2018 | Lower Limb Complaints,Running & Exercise,Footwear

This is a common complaint seen in my Townsville Podiatry clinic. Shin pain can be very frustrating, especially when you are just getting into an exercise regime. There are many causes of shin pain, b ...

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The pitfalls of focusing on Foot Strike

July 28 2017 | Running & Exercise,Active Feet,Lower Limb Complaints

So running boils down to a lot more than just chucking your runners on and putting one foot in front of the other. In this blog I’m going to discuss foot strike – particularly the pitfalls of ONLY focusing on foot strike. | ...

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What causes Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)???

May 26 2017 | Heel Pain,Lower Limb Complaints,Active Feet,Footwear

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Heel pain is most common in the 40 – 60 year age group. It is so prevalent that ~80% of adults will suffer a bout of heel pain over the course of their adult life-time. | ...

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Effective Treatment for Heel Pain in Townsville

May 12 2017 | Heel Pain,Lower Limb Complaints

Heel pain can be darn PAINFUL! It makes you hobble like an 80 year old and can stop you from exercising. The thought of standing all day at work with heel pain is cringe worthy. Heel pain can even cause you to get tired and grumpy by the end of the day | ...

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Hints & Tips

February 27 2017

Want to learn more about injury prevention or heel pain when running? Check out our hints and tips for sore toes and injury prevention. | ...

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Persistent HEEL PAIN? Shockwave therapy may be your answer!

January 31 2017 | Heel Pain,Lower Limb Complaints

Heel pain is a common condition yet it can be quite complex in nature, where a ‘one size fits all’ treatment approach often fails. How one person responds to heel pain treatment may be quite different to the next person. | ...

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My mum has bunions, does that mean I will also get them?

January 10 2017 | Lower Limb Complaints,Footwear

Bunions occur more commonly in females than males and sometimes do run in families. We are at the mercy of our genes, so the same forces that caused your mother or father’s bunions are possibly at work for you too. | ...

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Foot Pain vs Back Pain: Can my feet be causing my back pain?

January 10 2017 | Lower Limb Complaints

Foot Pain vs Back Pain - Chicken or The Egg? Remember the children’s rhyme ‘your ankle bone is connected to your shin bone, your shin bone is connected to your thigh bone’… and so and so on up the chain. | ...

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Custom Foot Supports (Orthotics) VERSUS the Chemist jobs

January 10 2017 | Footwear,Lower Limb Complaints

I’ve been told I need Orthotics – will the ones from the chemist do the trick?? Generally, no. Off-the-shelf or non-customised orthotics from the chemist are made for a 'normal' foot type. | ...

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No more Falls! Balance boosting tips for the Elderly

January 9 2017 | Lower Limb Complaints,Active Feet

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalisations in people aged 65 years and over. A common and very debilitating injury sustained from a fall is a fracture to the neck of the femur (broken hip). | ...

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Ohh... It's just another ankle sprain!

January 9 2017 | Lower Limb Complaints

A single ankle sprain can lead to long-term clinical problems, particularly ankle instability, persistent pain and ankle stiffness and swelling. These side effects are more likely to occur when the initial ankle sprain is not treated promptly and appropriately. | ...

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