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High-Quality Treatment for Ankle Pain in Townsville

March 1 2017

If you’re a sufferer of ongoing ankle pain in Townsville, you could be suffering from a condition called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. This ailment is where compression of the posterior tibial nerve causes pain in your ankle and it can make walking extremely painful and uncomfortable.

For those suffering from ankle pain in the Townsville due to this condition, many different causes could be to blame. It could be flat feet or collapsing arches which cause the heel to tilt. Alternatively, it might be because of inflammation resulting from an ankle strain. Whatever the cause, we have the specific treatment to help you get back on your feet again.

When you’re unable to walk without experiencing pain, it can be tough to carry out basic tasks. Given that our mobility is so critical to our quality of life, you need to be able to trust a clinic to provide the treatment that will ease your painful symptoms quickly.

At Foundation Podiatry, we offer a unique, personalised approach to diagnosing and treating your painful symptoms. We are a locally-owned company which offers exceptional customer service, rather than a franchise that can often be too focused on the business side of things.

For effective treatment for ankle pain in Townsville, contact us today to see how we can help you return to your peak self again.

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