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From injury prevention, demystifying modern footwear, running technique tips, how to overcome the donald duck walk to engaging your core through barefoot activation! Be sure to drop back to our Hints & Tips page as it will be updated on a regular basis.

Give yourself a second chance at dealing with pain on Mulligan's Day

Daina Clark | October 15 2018

#foot health #heel pain #foot pain

What exactly is a Mulligan? A Mulligan is a term used in golf for the free hit you take after you play a bad shot or have an air swing. You don't have to be a golfer to enjoy the benefits of a Mulliga...

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Help us Share the Dignity again this August

August 2 2018

Foundation Podiatry Townsville is participating in the 'Share the Dignity' again this August. This is an Australia-wide initiative to support women troubled by homelessness, poverty, unemployme...

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Why do my shins hurt when I run?

Hayley Paterson | February 27 2018

#Lower Limb Complaints #Running & Exercise #Footwear

This is a common complaint seen in my Townsville Podiatry clinic. Shin pain can be very frustrating, especially when you are just getting into an exercise regime. There are many causes of shin pain, b...

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Daina Clark joins the Foundation Podiatry Townsville team!

Hayley Paterson | January 8 2018

Hayley and the Foundation Podiatry team are really excited to welcome Daina Clark into our clinic. Daina has 24 years experience as a Podiatrist and has worked her last 13 years in the local Townsvill...

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Hayley Paterson | December 10 2017

##Heel Pain

With the craziness in the lead up to Xmas we often find people become impatient and exhausted, particularly if they are in pain. It is important to still try to find time to look after your body durin...

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The pitfalls of focusing on Foot Strike

Hayley Paterson | July 28 2017

#Running & Exercise #Active Feet #Lower Limb Complaints

So running boils down to a lot more than just chucking your runners on and putting one foot in front of the other. In this blog I’m going to discuss foot strike – particularly the pitfalls...

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Let's be BAREFOOT!!

Hayley Paterson | July 26 2017

#Active Feet #Running & Exercise

Take a moment to watch a pre-school aged child run, jump and play without fear. Notice how nimble and light they are on their feet? Rocks or rough terrain does not slow them down, that is of course, u...

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How you STAND - is how you WALK - is how you RUN!

Hayley Paterson | June 2 2017

#Footwear #Running & Exercise #Active Feet

I often get asked the following questions in my Townsville Podiatry clinic: How do I run faster? Should I be running on my forefoot or my heels? What is the best running shoe for me? How do I get rid...

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What causes Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)???

Hayley Paterson | May 26 2017

#Heel Pain #Lower Limb Complaints #Active Feet #Footwear

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Heel pain is most common in the 40 – 60 year age group. It is so prevalent that ~80% of adults will suffer a bout of heel pain over the c...

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Why a Podiatrist should be on your speed dial when you get HEEL PAIN!

Hayley Paterson | May 12 2017

#Heel Pain #Lower Limb Complaints #Running & Exercise

Yes, heel pain is common. Your work colleague, your sister - they've probably had it too. But so what!!! Heel pain can be darn PAINFUL! It makes you hobble like an 80 year old and can stop you fr...

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Foundation Podiatry Townsville has partnered with the Entertainment Book to raise funds for Sandra Jones Foundation

Sarita Quirke | March 22 2017

Foundation Podiatry Townsville are proud to partner with the Entertainment Book to raise much-needed funds for the Sandra Jones Foundation....

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Foundation Podiatry celebrates 10 years of business in Townsville – Hayley’s reflection.

March 13 2017

When all the high 5’s and congratulations rolled in after sharing our 10 year birthday milestone on Facebook last week, it made me sit down and really reflect about what it meant to me. Firstly,...

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Our feet are connected to our core – Townsville Podiatrist Hayley explains…

Hayley Paterson | March 10 2017

#Active Feet #Running & Exercise

So yogis have been awake to the powerful interconnection between FOOT to CORE for a very long time – referring to the foot as ‘Pada Bundha’ and the pelvic floor as ‘Mula Bundha...

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‘Start low & go slow’ – How to begin an exercise regime from scratch

Hayley Paterson | January 31 2017

#Running & Exercise #Active Feet #Lower Limb Complaints

The New Year is a great time to focus on becoming fit and healthy. Nobody will dispute that exercise (movement) is good for us. Due to our more sedentary occupations and lifestyles – even the ac...

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How to choose the correct training footwear

Hayley Paterson | January 31 2017

#Footwear #Running & Exercise

Shoes, shoes, shoes. They can be the cause of your injury, or help you avoid or overcome an injury. With so many different shoe types (and colours) on the market, how does one choose the correct footw...

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FOOT PAIN hindering your New Year Fitness Resolution???

Hayley Paterson | January 31 2017

#Running & Exercise #Lower Limb Complaints #Footwear

Most people try to kick off the New Year with a healthy, positive goal in mind. Whether that be regularly walking Castle Hill or training for a half marathon, it’s important to have a plan in pl...

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Persistent HEEL PAIN? Shockwave therapy may be your answer!

Hayley Paterson | January 31 2017

#Heel Pain #Lower Limb Complaints

Intense Heel Pain getting out of bed in the morning? Is it just NOT going away? Is your heel pain stopping you from exercising? Ever heard of Shockwave Therapy??? Heel pain is a very common condition ...

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5 tips for healthy, strong feet

Hayley Paterson | January 4 2017

#Active Feet

Your feet are an engineering masterpiece, let’s keep them that way! The 66 joints that make up your feet affect every joint right up to your neck. When neglected, our feet break down over time, ...

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Ohh... It's just another ankle sprain!

Hayley Paterson | November 15 2016

#Lower Limb Complaints

As common as an ankle sprain may be – they still need your love and attention! Each and every time you sprain your ankle you are doing some form of damage. Whether that be over-stretching the li...

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Orthotic wear-in period

November 9 2016

So you are 1 week into your Orthotic wear-in period ....  WHAT TO EXPECT??...

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No more Falls! Balance boosting tips for the Elderly

Hayley Paterson | August 25 2016

#Lower Limb Complaints #Active Feet

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalisations in people aged 65 years and over. A common and very debilitating injury sustained from a fall is a fracture to the neck of the femur (bro...

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Time to stop blaming the shoe and take responsibility for what’s inside!

Hayley Paterson | August 24 2016

#Footwear #Active Feet #Running & Exercise

As a Podiatrist I get asked these questions on a daily basis: What running shoe is best for me? What shoe should I be wearing up Castle Hill? What’s the best shoe to stop my shin splints?  ...

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Custom Foot Supports (Orthotics) VERSUS the Chemist jobs

Hayley Paterson | May 16 2016

#Footwear #Lower Limb Complaints

I’ve been told I need Orthotics – will the ones from the chemist do the trick?? Generally, no. Off-the-shelf or non-customised orthotics from the chemist are made for a 'normal' foot type....

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Foot Pain vs Back Pain: Can my feet be causing my back pain?

Hayley Paterson | February 22 2016

#Lower Limb Complaints

Foot Pain vs Back Pain - Chicken or The Egg? Remember the children’s rhyme ‘your ankle bone is connected to your shin bone, your shin bone is connected to your thigh bone’… an...

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BACK TO SCHOOL - how to avoid those 'Growing Pains'

Hayley Paterson | January 17 2016


After 6 weeks of being foot loose and fancy free, many children often struggle going back to school. Heavy backpacks, new over-sized uniforms and enclosed shoes for the first time in 6 weeks! Esp...

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Heel Pain in Children: Why does my child’s heels hurt when playing sport?

Christine Hobbs | September 21 2015

#Children #Heel Pain

Heel pain is not only limited to grown-ups. Heel pain in children is very common. Often, healthy active children will complain of pain in one or both heels during and after running and playing sp...

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I have heel pain - I must have a heel spur!

Hayley Paterson | September 21 2015

#Heel Pain #Lower Limb Complaints

Very common statement this one. Heel pain is the most common condition treated in our Townsville Podiatry Clinic. The most common cause of heel pain in adults is Plantar Fasciitis, however there ...

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How often should I replace my runners?

Christine Hobbs | August 14 2015

#Footwear #Running & Exercise

Most runners wait far too long before replacing their runners and risk overuse injuries as a result. Generally running shoes should last between 600 and 1000 kilometres, although this depends on your ...

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My mum has bunions, does that mean I will also get them?

Christine Hobbs | July 14 2015

#Lower Limb Complaints #Footwear

Bunions occur more commonly in females than males and sometimes do run in families. We are at the mercy of our genes, so the same forces that caused your mother or father’s bunions are possibly ...

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