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NO GAP Podiatry Treatments

4th January 2019

NO GAP Podiatry Treatments


At Foundation Podiatry Townsville we are proud to offer NO GAP Podiatry treatments!

So what does this mean?

We treat each person individually. We are not your garden-variety Podiatry clinic.

We are passionate about our profession, love to challenge the status-quo and continue to learn.

We want to get to know you and understand you.

This means we have absolutely NO GAPS in our assessment and treatment process.

When you book in for an appointment at Foundation Podiatry Townsville we take the time to thoroughly assess you, your history, your goals, the way you walk, the way you move. We then work with you to achieve these goals in the most suitable way for you.

Our Townsville Podiatrists Hayley and Chris have a combined 32 years of Podiatry experience in Biomechanics and Human Movement - and pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive, personalised approach.

We promise there are NO GAPS in the way we treat you.