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Not Your Typical Charters Towers Podiatry Clinic

March 1 2017

If you are having issues with your feet, ankles, knees or back, you should consult with a podiatrist to get to the bottom of the problem. Contact Foundation Podiatry, not your average Charters Towers podiatry clinic. With almost a decade of service in the local Townsvillie area, we offer patients a unique approach to care. We believe that the feet provide a firm foundation for a more active body and a more active life.

Foundation Podiatry will perform a complete assessment of you before any treatment. Unlike many franchise operations, we strive to identify the causes of foot, knee, ankle and back issues so that we can properly treat them. We do not just treat the problem and hope that it goes away. Our advanced technology allows us to perform an analysis of a patient’s posture, balance and gait. We also examine one’s medical, occupational and exercise history so that we can complete a thorough initial assessment and develop the correct diagnosis.

With the proper diagnosis, we can then look at a variety of treatments. As mentioned, we are not your typical Charters Towers podiatry clinic. We offer treatments such as dry needling, shock therapy and more. Our mission is to provide our patients with the foundation they need to lead an active life.

If heel, knee, ankle or back issues are keeping you down, contact the podiatrist that can help you get your life back. Call Foundation Podiatry today on 4775 1760 or fill out the form on our website under the Contact tab.

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