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Strength training for runners - is it beneficial? Townsville Podiatrist Chris Weber explains...

As a running coach and Townsville Podiatrist, one of the common questions I get asked is whether strength training is beneficial for running. 

The short answer is yes.

Strength training can be beneficial for runners.  However, understanding which exercises are the “right” exercises, when to do them, how to do them and how to incorporate them into your running program without causing detrimental effects can be tricky.  

Here are 2 basic tips that I give most of my beginner runners or runners who are looking to introduce strength training to their running:

Global Leg Strength - Having good global leg strength allows our muscles to absorb more shock and therefore reduce the loads in our tendons, bones, ligaments and joints – which are the things that tend to get injured most! Having good global strength means that we have good strength in our large muscle groups in the legs – glutes, thighs (hamstrings and quadriceps) and calves.  Any basic gym program will incorporate exercises that strengthen these groups – think leg extension, leg press, hammy curl, squats, lunges, calf raises.

Do more single leg exercises - as this will benefit you far more when it comes to running. Already have a gym program? Just convert the current exercises you are doing to single leg ones - eg. squats to split squats or step ups.

Check out Chris' video which explains this further!

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