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Townsville Heel Pain Clinic

8th June 2021

Townsville Heel Pain Clinic

Welcome to Townsville’s Heel Pain clinic where we pride ourselves on the non-surgical, effective treatment of your heel pain.

Heel Pain is the # 1 condition we treat on a daily basis at Foundation Podiatry - in fact over the last 15 years here in Townsville we have helped 8000+ happy campers resolve their heel pain and get back to enjoying their active lifestyle!


Do you wake up in the morning limping from a painful heel?

Feeling frustrated as you can’t exercise or chase the grandkids around?

Have you tried other treatments and nothing seems to be working?

Want to avoid a big needle… or even worse… surgery?


Heel pain is a very common condition yet complex in nature, where a ‘one size fits all’ treatment approach often fails. 

At Foundation Podiatry Townsville we utilise the latest treatment options with a personalised approach to reduce your pain in the shortest possible time!

Our Personalised Approach

Learn more about what Heel Pain is and the causes here.


Say goodbye to your Heel Pain once and for all and regain your active lifestyle...

Make an appointment today!