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We Provide Effective Treatment for Sore Heels in Townsville

March 1 2017

When you’re experiencing on-going pain in your feet, heels or back, typical day to day tasks can become much more demanding, and that can have adverse knock-on effects on your quality of life. Whether you’re an avid exerciser or simply need to work every day, pain can result in discomfort to the point of causing immense frustration.

If you’re suffering from pain as a result of sore heels in Townsville, it could be due to a number of reasons. A condition called Planter Fasciitis is a common cause of pain, but sprained ankles are also far from unusual. Even foot pain can result in adverse effects for your heels if left untreated.

Due to the fact there are a variety of different causes of sore heels for Townsville sufferers, the initial diagnosis needs to be accurate to treat the condition effectively. Different causes require different treatments and our personalised approach to diagnosis ensures we can provide the ideal treatment for you.

At Foundation Podiatry, we pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated business with a mission of staying away from the more business-minded franchised clinics. We treat people as individuals and offer specific treatment options for specific needs.

When suffering from sore heels in Townsville, get in touch with us to see how our treatments and personalised approach can help you. We provide a broad range of treatments and possess the knowledge and experience quite literally, to get you back up and running again.

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