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Custom Foot Orthoses

Custom Foot Orthoses

After your Initial Biomechanical Assessment involving a thorough posture, balance, movement and gait assessment, it may be indicated that Foot Supports or Orthotics would be of benefit to you.

It’s important to remember…. ‘Not everyone needs orthotics’

Foot Supports (Orthotics) are a device placed inside your shoes. They work by reducing the load in the pathological tissue. Whether that be an inflamed joint, a cranky tendon or a compressed neuroma, the Foot Supports reduce the load in the injured tissue allowing the tissue to begin to heal.

Foot Supports do not just work at the level of the foot, but can also produce an affect on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

There is no one type of orthotic that is suited to all patients.
Every human foot is different, even from left to right. Therefore if orthotics are recommended for you it is important that they are customised to your feet!

At Foundation Podiatry we make orthotics using different materials with different treatment goals in mind, depending on your individual concern and presentation (foot-type, symptoms, body weight, occupation, physical activity etc).

Our Podiatrist's will often use a rubber material (of varying densities) when more cushioning is required or if somebody works on their feet on hard surfaces all day. When more control is needed due to a heavy, forcefully collapsing foot, a more rigid device may be used.

When making customised orthotics at Foundation Podiatry we use a 3D scan of your feet and information gathered from your Biomechanical assessment. We will discuss appropriate footwear and what to expect during the ‘wear-in’ period, then review you 2-3 weeks later. Our orthotics are easy to modify if necessary and should always be very comfortable to wear.


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