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Why Are You Suffering from Constant Heel Pain in Townsville?

March 1 2017

In the morning, you wake up and get out of bed. As soon as your feet hit the floor, you feel it. Heel pain for residents in Townsville can be a common ailment. Foundation Podiatry has been treating heel, ankle, knee and back pain in the Townsville area for almost a decade. We approach things a little differently to help our patients live a life free from nagging or chronic pain.

Plantar fasciitis often causes heel pain in Townsville. The plantar fascia is the soft tissue on the underside of the foot that can tear. Repeated tears will cause the tissue to become less flexible and make matters even worse. In some cases, the continual strain on the plantar fascia causes a bony growth, commonly called a heel spur. Trying to walk on a heel spur can be painful.

Treatment for heel pain in Townsville varies depending on the individual. Foundation Podiatry develops individual treatment plans for all of its patients. What works for one does not necessarily work for all. One thing that all patients who are experiencing heel pain can do is stretch the muscles of the foot properly as part of a warmup routine each morning. The same applies after long rest periods. Further treatment may include things like shock therapy, ice massage, wearing night socks and many others.

To live a life free of nagging heel pain, call Foundation Podiatry today. You can reach us on 4775 1760, or you can fill out the online form on our website. Visit the Contact page and complete the form to discuss appointment times.

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